​Valerosa Designs & Gallery

Valerosa is a phenomenal collection of artistic expression! The selections are truly magnificent in their diversity and richness of character. Numerous canvasses full of artistic talent from local artists bring the walls of the Gallery to life. Also, spread throughout the entire Gallery are fascinating cultural pieces ranging from original jewelry designed by an expert Navajo artist, blown glass works designed in the hills of Arkansas, and numerous other sculptures, carvings and creative phenomena. 
108 East Eighth Street,
Tyler, TX 75701

Neita Fran Contact:               
Phone: 505-429-4518
email: neitafran@valerosadesigns.com

WarDancer Designs

​The Valerosa Collection
It is truly a spectacular gifting to be capable of visualizing the necessary combinations to help an individual express their specific tastes. Creating a scenario of enjoyment for that person or family each time they enter their home or a particular room is one of the joys that drives Neita Fran’s interior design endeavors. With over 20 years experience in commercial and residential interior design, Neita Fran’s repertoire of artistic experience and resources undergird the fire of passion within her heart to bring an area to life for her clients. Her perspective of visualizing every room or home as a canvas that awaits the caress and versatility of an artist’s imprint, brings her into unity with her clients when discovering her ideas, tastes and perspectives. Perceiving a project’s completion as a trophy of completion to be awarded to the client at the summation of the project keeps the teamwork perspective at the forefront throughout its development.
WarDancer Partners with Navajo Artist Brian Billie to create exclusive Southwestern Jewelry